Telysium collaborates with clients to develop customized energy management solutions that streamline operational activities, minimize risk and maximize commercial value. Our services extend the scope of the power industry value chain, from wholesale generation through retail delivery. We accommodate a broad range of clients regardless of size, complexity, or role in the power markets. Our suite of services includes:

Asset Dispatch & Optimization

We provide dispatch and optimization services for single and multi-asset conventional and renewable generation portfolios. Services are extended as necessary to include scheduling of natural gas deliveries, ancillaries and capacity. We also handle the critical role of interfacing with the host balancing authority and plant/dispatch personnel, in addition to addressing compliance and regulatory obligations. Clients are able to benefit from Telysium’s short and long-term trading expertise, in addition to a robust Real Time trading desk to service their assets and can work within the flexible framework of an agency or principal transaction custom-tailored to suit their needs. 

System Dispatch & Optimization

An extension of Asset Dispatch & Optimization Services, System Dispatch & Optimization is a service where Telysium Energy manages load, resource, transmission and contractual assets for a client’s entire system. These transactions are guided by the premise of ensuring reliability and working within the regulatory and operational parameters governed by the host Balancing Authority. 

Scheduling & Settlement Services

We act as agent and serve as the primary interface in the creation and submission of generation/load schedules for ISOs, RTOs, BAs and pipelines throughout North America. This service incorporates all settlement processes associated with reconciliations, checkouts and invoicing to ensure accurate and timely data for clients.







Hedging, Procurement & Origination Services

We provide wholesale energy markets access to develop solutions tailored to client’s unique needs. This includes multi-term, market-based transactions that help to more effectively manage changes to load and generation profiles, risk appetite, financing, and treasury requirements. Clients are able to leverage our extensive market relationships and experience to achieve optimal results.

Position Management Services

We operate in wholesale energy markets on behalf of clients through an agency relationship to manage clients’ energy portfolio needs.  This service includes spot market position management and incorporates operating within the Day Ahead and Real Time markets on behalf of the client.

Retail Load Following & ESCO/REP Risk Management Services

We procure the necessary energy supply and arranges for delivery of full utility requirements for load serving entities in organized ISO/RTO markets that allow for competitive retail supply. Additionally, we provide comprehensive setup, administration, after-the-fact reconciliation, billing and settlement services.